"I want to start my event planning business. What inventory should I buy first?" is the most common question for new planners looking to start a wedding and event planning business. The fact is, you do not need any inventory to build a profitable wedding planning business. 

With over seven years of experience in weddings and events, Albriana is the Principle Planner and Designer for Albriana Shante Events. Her love for teaching and seeing those around her grow led her to start a Youtube Channel called Weddings and Events with Albriana, in which she provides educational wedding planning tips for couples and planners. Her elevated style and designs have to lead her in features and publications such as Martha Stewart and MunaLuchi Bride. 

Albriana also offers one-on-one and hands-on coaching for the modern wedding and event planner. This course is more than a course. It's a relationship. During the mentorship, Albriana will get the core of who you are, the types of clients you desire to serve, and your authentic style. 


This one-on-one coaching relationship is designed for the planner who desires to start their event planning business but is unsure where to begin. I will lead you in the right direction for success and confidence in your event planning business, allowing you to sell and attract your ideal client.

Albriana Shante Consulting is a coaching and consulting firm for event professionals. Our services range from coaching novice event planners who are just getting started and brand audits to event professionals who want to attract their ideal client—design consulting to event professionals who want to elevate and refine their design skills. No matter your experience level, we will help you create, name, and start your event planning business. This one-on-one coaching relationship is designed for the planner who desires to start their event planning business but is unsure where to begin. I will lead you in the right direction for success and confidence in your event planning business, allowing you to sell and attract your ideal client. We will conduct a brand audit of your existing logo, website, and social media posts, as well as provide actionable steps to help elevate your brand so that you are attracting your ideal client. We will evaluate your current skills and provide specific tools to implement and elevate your design process. Our consulting services will teach you how to style your events so that it’s editorial and publication-ready.

The course will end with an all-day editorial shoot and professional headshots. We work closely together to curate a shoot based on your brand and style so that you attract your ideal client.

planning FOR SUCcESS

Learn how to plan events with zero inventory
No longer allow limiting beliefs to hold you back
All the tools you need to get started
Automtion and systems needed to help you plan
Profitable pricing methods
How to build authentic relationships with vendors you want to work with
The power of strategic marketing
How to create an elevated brand
Vital contract clauses that you won't be able to find on google
How to nail your first consultation
A stronger brand
Streamlined consulting, booking, planning, design process tailored to your specific services and offerings.
New headshots, and images for your portfolio



Ready to launch or relaunch your event planning business with intent
Build a brand that will attract your ideal client
Retire your 9-5 and start getting paid for what you use to do for free
You are in 0 to 3 years of your business
You get called upon often to help with your neighbors baby shower, family events and graduation parties
You are ready to start your business but are unsure of where to begin 
You don’t know anything about branding but you want to start your business without looking like a new business
You need brand auditing and help with streamlining your systems
Unsure why you are attracting clients with low budgets

Coaching with albriana is for you if:


kind words

- Bryanna Glanton,
Glanton and Co Events

"Becoming a wedding planner had been a dream of mine. When I met Bree, I knew God was leading me in the right direction. Bree was so organized, and I loved her one on one teaching. Each week she challenged and pushed me outside of my comfort zone. My favorite exercise was identifying my ideal client. It made me think about who I wanted to be a planner, which allowed me to determine how to market to that person adequately. My website was tragic before working with Bree, but now she’s a work of art. Bree is more than a mentor to me. She’s my friend, and I love her for everything she’s helped me accomplish! If you need a mentor or coach, please contact Bree; your business will thank you! ."

Over the course of 90 days we meet virtually to dive deep into your business, identify your true authentic self, the people you want to serve and brand identity. Once you know who you are you can fully decide on who want to serve. This is the meat of the course. During this program we dive in to your current pricing and identify ways for increasing your bottom line. We refine your systems,  fine-tune your brand messenging, narrow your target market, and so much more. 

This is a hands on process where we will work closely together to design, coordinate and fully plan your an elevated editorial that will allow you to arrack your ideal client. You will leave with behind the scene videos, and a portfolio full of professional headshots, branding images and

editorial-  VIP DAY 


THE process


kind words

- Shelly A. Brown,
Shelly Simone Creative

"If it were not for Albriana's coaching methods and encouragement, my mindset and business would not be where it is today. Albriana is very knowledgeable, and her business strategy will take you out of your comfort zone to achieve your business goals. She helped set my business on the right track and gave me pointers on elevating my brand and website to attract my ideal client. Her tips on contract clauses' and social media post were a game-changer for my company."