Often when starting the design phase of wedding and event planning, guests send me a link to their Pinterest board, and it has over a thousand images. When we are going over the pins together, they say, well, I love this place setting and these floras, and they want their ceremony set up exactly like this. All the while on the inside, I am chuckling.

I ask the client, okay, I can see the overall feel you are going for, but in this photo, what is drawing your attention. Is it the color of the flower? The bend of the flower or the way the petals bloom? As a designer full of creativity, we draw inspiration from specific photos ranging from fashion, current wedding trends, and destinations. But deep down, we want to create something new, fresh, and set new trends.

As a creative I often have innovative ideas and thoughts running around in our brains.  It’s often hard to explain to a client who is a visual person what their wedding or event will look like, especially if it is a new design. What helped me begin to share my art and designs is digital sketching. My husband purchased me an IPAD and apple pencil for our four year wedding anniversary. I enrolled in the sketchbook series road map to digital sketching course and never looked back. Sharing my sketches with clients has allowed them to see my ideas inspired by their vision. It built trust and shorten the design phase.


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